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Hastrailer started to make quality production in 2009 and managed to gain a place in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in a short time. Providing support to industry with 2.500 m2 closed and 12.000 m2 open area, Hastrailer still continued to give importance to production infrastructure in 2010, and in 2011 it succeeded to incorporate the production line ordering from abroad and to lay the foundations of its new factory. The factory, which is 16.000 m2 closed and 50.000 m2 open, started its operations in August 2013 and started production. Hastrailer has managed to become a reliable and sought after company by keeping the needs and expectations of its customers at the highest level. It aims to continuously increase its market share with the rightful pride of this success. By following the technological developments in the globalized world market and spreading the total quality philosophy in all management and application levels continues to fulfill its responsibilities to humanity, environment and universal values.
TDI Engineering and Machinery manufactures and supplies truck mounted equipments, combintion sewer cleaning trucks, water & fuel tankers, salt spreader & snow plows (ploughs), de-icing trucks... TDI Engineering and Machinery, has a young , enthusiastic and energetic team that brings required products and services in life with most economic and rational way , without sacrifying high technology standards and quality. TDI, accepts the “engineering” concept not only as a title, but also company’s basic and permanent principle. TDI knows that in order to provide correct product and application for specific problems, cooperation with the customer is an important key for the success. Instead of repeating known solutions , TDI aims to bring in modern, user friendly and low maintenance cost products with working on new technological perspectives. TDI Engineering and Machinery is always seeking the answer of the following question , “How can we reach one step further?” while providing specially designed , innovatively engineered, high performance products to its public and private customers. TDI’s activities differ in two main specialty subjects; the first one is “Truck Mounted Machinery and Equipments Engineering” and the other is “Hydraulic Sytems , Project and Application Engineering” Designing vehicle mounted equipments according to the necessity and application purpose, mounting it to the carrier vehicle and forming a complete machinery requires excellence on the issue and advanced calculation. Bringing quality components together is an important matter but it’s not enough, optimizing those quality components is also a must for such prodcution. TDI has an expert team of engineers who have years of experience in production of the following superstructures and vehicle mounted equipments. - Combined Sewer Jetting and Vacuum Truck - High Pressure Sewer Jetting Truck - Sewage Suction Truck ( Vacuum truck) - Salt Spreader - Snow Plough (Snowplow) - Water Tanker ( Industrial and Potable ) - Vacuum Sweeper Truck - Front Mounted Road Sweeper - Fuel Tanker ( Airports and Transportation) - Fire Fighting Vehicles with Hydraulic and Portable Ladders - Garbage Compactor Truck - Articulated and Telescopic Aireal Platform TDI’s secondary excellence is on production of Hydraulic Systems and providing Project Engineering services. Designing complex hydraulic systems, preparing respective projects for the hydraulic circuits , making engineering calculations for production process, combining new hydraulic circuit with the existing mechanical and control systems or revising your complete existing system are our primary activities on this special subject. Having practical and theoretical experince on the issue, we are supporting our customers with below listed mobile and industrial hydraulic applications. - Presses , Machine Tools, Material Handling Machinery - Dams , Hydroelectric Power Plants - Recyling Machinery ( Shredders ,Breakers, Bailing Press ) - Fire Fighting Vehicles, Garbage Trucks, Sewer Cleaning Trucks, Construction Machinery, Drilling Machinery, Road Maintenance and Snow Fighting Vehicles Our company aims to create not only business relations but also humanitarian relations based on respect and correlative trust with our dear partners . For us, making business with a specific customer for just one time is not a success, we always try our best to create partnerships that will last so many years.
SINAN TANKER TREYLER We, as Sinan Tanker Trailer Metal Transporting Industry Trade Limited Co., date back to 1982 and are a company producing trust as the company left many years behind in its sector. Being one of the pioneers of the sector, our company is taking a pride in taking your part with a more professional approach based on constant development, more superior servicing and more specialist employee policy. Knowing no bounds with their services in fuel oil sector which is developing continuously, Sinan Tanker is experiencing the happiness of always being in the lead with the importance attached to R & D studies, specialist and trained personnel and engineer staff in their sector with the support of you, our esteemed customers. Registering their products and quality with TSE, VEHICLE TYPE-APPROVAL, REGISTRATION OF TRADEMARK, WPS, WPAR, HYB, E Guarantee, SSHYB certificates and exporting to many foreign countries with the ISO 9001 2008 certificate, our company renews itself day by day enhancing its product portfolio and product range and renders service with its all sorts of fuel oil tankers, Loader, Trailer, Semi trailer, product storage vessels, Water sprinklers and fire brigade truck products. Targeting to achieve the better to do their full share of work in meeting the changing world technology and increasing requirement rates, our company will try to be right beside you, our esteemed customers, producing quality and confidence with the excitement on the first day. TRUTHFULLY,
General Ticari Araclar Yedek Parcalari Ltd. Sti has emerged as one of the most reliable Truck, Trailer & Bus Spare Parts Dealer in Turkey since its establishment in 1995. Within a short span GENERAL has acquired recognition as a leading wholesaler in Truck & Bus Spare Parts which itself is a commendable achievement by any standard in this highly technical and competitive business. General Spare Part located in Istanbul, Ikitelli industrial area supplies the complete range of Engine Parts, Gear Box Parts, Powertrain parts, Brake Parts, Suspension Parts, Axle Parts, Electrical Component Parts, Body Parts, a wide range of Accessories parts and the exclusive range of products in continuously expanding inline with the highly competitive and healthy demands of the trade. Expanding variaties of the spare parts range every day made us successful reaching up to 120 OEM supplier factories and 16,000 spare parts to enlarge our customer satisfaction. General Spare Part has business relations with different regiones of the World. Getting ready the demanded Automotive spare parts by sensetive examinations, testing and choosing among the factories who produce with the quality certifications and OEM standarts and required documentations for customs and exporting in time, specialised “General Spare Part” as prioritized supplier. The spare parts we prodive are suitable for MERCEDES-BENZ, MAN, FORD CARGO, BMC, RENAULT TRUCKS, SCANIA, VOLVO, DAF Commercial vehicles and BPW, SAF, MERITOR/ROR, FRUEHAUF, SCHMITZ trailer brands. We provide genuine quality and competetive aftermarket spare parts to our customers with CAMIONE, BRETHREN and GENEROUS brands assuring a long term and reliable business opportunity.
Genk is providing professional consultation and business assistance in commercial vehicle and railway sector. ➢ We have become an experienced local sourcing solution with the necessary infrastructure, experience and expertise to reach deep into automotive manufacturing base in Turkey. ➢ We are focus on local sourcing support (especially railway, truck, bus body, trailer and trailer suspension components), strategic purchasing , outsourcing, logistic support as well as marketing and coaching for business to business contacts between local and international manufacturers. ➢ Our core strategy is to provide clients with lowest cost by reliable and sustainable quality of service and real time information accesss and response. SERVICES ➢ Purchasing support and sourcing for industrial parts and components providing wide range of industrial services such as market research, supplier selection, vendor evaluation final inspection logistic supervision etc.. ➢ Management consulting for strategic planning, industrial management and on sales and marketing functions to improve internal efficiency. ➢ Coaching for local suppliers and manufacturers to be in collaboration with international projects and market entry. ➢ Business development initiatives mainly with local and international companies in automotive and railway sector
Guvenc Machinery Import and Export Co. Ltd. serves your esteemed customers co-operation focused on ; Quality and Reliance since the begining of our established year. Our Company fells proud of presenting logical price policy with best quality knowing Developed Technology and The Century of Competition. Our Company does True Work in True Time and fulfill your respected order with Instantly and Trustworthy. Our Mission is True Team Work. We understand compeletely our Respected Customer’s Requests and fulfill your demand from process of manufacturing to process of transportation in a soon time. We will always be honoured to co-operate with your esteemed customer.
Our company was estabilished in 1972. Still this company operate, container trailer, generator trailer, light tower, special trailers and minisattel in Ankara from TURKEY. Our company acts with the aim of holding the highest level of customer satisfaction in production and service sectors. Eroglu Trailer Industry always trying to offer best service with experienced and expert staff an accordance with principles of quality and trust. We at Eroglu Trailer A.S are a designer and a manufacturer of different sorts of trailers, disposing of an experienced and enthusiastic personnel, Eroglu Trailer is accumulating experiences over the past 42 years that -we believe - will helps us avoid common business pitfalls. Being a manufacturer and designer gives us a lot of strength, advantages and control while trying to meet our partners expectations and deliver an optimal win-win business partnership. Our products portfolio so far contains the following types of trailers: Generator trailers Container trailers Trailers for special purposes Light towers Military trailers Vehicle carrier trailers Truck trailers Flat trailers Half trailers Live stock trailers Motorcycles and ATV carrier trailers Box trailers Mini trailers Mini-truck trailers…